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Journal Articles (peer-reviewed)

A Proof of Concept for Machine Learning-Based Virtual Knapping

Orellana Figueroa JD, Reeves JS, McPherron SP, Tennie C.
2021 Oct

Scientific Reports, 11(1), 19966.

Book Chapters (peer-reviewed)

A Historical Analysis of Women in Video Games Based on Classical Antiquity

Orellana Figueroa JD.
2022 Sep

In J. Draycott & K. Cook (Eds.), Women in Classical Video Games (pp. 29–43). Bloomsbury.

In prep.

Raw Material Selection and Blank Standardization in Knapping Experiments

Boysen D, Snyder WD, Orellana Figueroa JD, McPherron S, Tennie C, Reeves JS.
In prep.

A Review of Applications of Machine Learning Methods in Published Archaeological Research

Orellana Figueroa JD, Reeves JS, Tennie C.
In prep.

What Can We Say About Pre-Classical Greek Migration to the Black Sea and Colchis?

Orellana Figueroa JD.
In prep.